Monday, 11 November 2013

Blazing Dice - Updates

Following another successful outing at Blog Con a number of people have asked for copies , and other supporting material so here you are.


Blazing Dice v3 - PDF  

Blazing Dice v3 - Word

Blazing Dice v3 QPS - PDF

Blazing Dice v3 QPS - Word

Blank Character Record Sheet - Powerpoint

My Heroes Record sheet - Powerpoint

My Banditos Record sheet - Powerpoint

My Cowboy gang Record sheet - Powerpoint

The Train - PDF 

Wanted Posters - PDF

 My record sheets use some Western style fonts - you can find these for free at "DAFONT". Just instal them on your PC and away you go - really useful for making signs for your scenery too.

I have shared the basic card packs which you can order from "Artscow" -  (note they do often have money off and free worldwide shipping - try  voucher code PROHO25OFF until the 24th November 2013) you would need to print out and stick on pictures of your own figures . They have frequent offers on which can mean no postage and savings on the card price as well - just register and wait for an email! yI have had packs for as little as £6.00. If you order them individually it gets under the customs import price as well

Pack 1 - Action cards , death deck , and 11 blanks

Pack 2 - Additional Cowboy action cards, Indian actions, chance event , lots of blanks

Pack 3 - The money deck

The jpeg files if you want to use them for card backs if you want to make your own.


  1. Thanks Dave - that's brilliant. Very generous of you! I really enjoyed the games I played - I thought Blazing Saddles was terrific. Looking forward to catching Johnny Ringo on that train next time you roll into Town!

    1. It was great to meet up. Glad you enjoyed it. - Perhaps i can run a virtual campaign among the bloggers

  2. A really great game and I'll certainly be playing it sometime again. In fact I made sure I bought a couple of packs of assorted gunmen from Foundry before I left! Thanks for hosting the game, I really enjyed it.

    1. You are very welcome. And very well played with the Man With No Name.- I really thought they had you on the train carriage at one point.

  3. Looking very nice, I really like the "My Heroes Record sheet ", great work on the cards too!

  4. You must have done wonders for Foundry's sales of Old West figures.

    After reading the positive accounts, I'm going to have a close look at this one. Thanks for sharing!

    1. if you have any queries on it just let me know

    2. perhaps i should have been on commission!

  5. Well done Dave, that was one hell of a game! Both times I played???

  6. Saw a link here from Ray's blog. Lee Hadley also gave a glowing review so I thought I'd download your rules and give them a try. Not that I need another project, mind you.