Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Serenity Train massacre - Game 7

Gav and Shannon having two of the smaller starting gangs decided to work together to hit a potentially high value target - the train from Serenity to Silver Town.

So there was the little matter of stopping it with a suitable barricade  , all helped by one of Gav's characters having a Train Driver skill.Some of the gang had the horses and set up a barricade.

Also as the action was going to be inside and out of the train we created a plan view of the train carriages , caboose and engine which we laminated and stuck to the edge of the playing surface. We could move those figures easily within the train and interact with those outside.

Some place for a robbery

The other gang members were sitting innocently on the train when it ground to a halt. One of them snuck out and crossed the tender to talk to the train driver and fireman. He found out he was not actually very good at this (failing skill rolls) - he had grand ideas of stealing the train I believe... now where exactly he was going to go , who knows. The fireman was getting suspicious.

Meanwhile in the carriage there were moves a foot , it started with a little pickpocket attempt that went wrong , the rest of the passengers were getting restless.

The train plan

There turned out to be  mix of citizens and gunmen gamblers on the coach and even a local judge. Some of the ladies were armed with more than just feminine charm. A rather sharp hat pin , handbags and even a derringer. They were not going to take this lying down. A shot rang out as the gang saw it was going to take some show of force to relieve them all of their purses. At this the train driver worked out this "friendly" guy was up to no good, so the burly man swung for him with the shovel. The gang member reeled and a fight broke out with the driver knocking him out. Would they be able to clear the barricade?

 The outside bad guys.

In the carriage the Judge plucked up courage and tried to intervene, He was shot down for his trouble, more of the passengers panicked! The gambler was relieved of his winnings. Some of the civilians took the opportunity to exit via the poorly guarded rear door and ran for it.

Some more of the gang set off to investigate the contents of the caboose, in particular the strongbox and the safe, but wait - . they had missed  two guardians who had remained silent and unseen. Shots rang out , one of the guards was done , but the other was behind cover and blazing away. One of the gang went down FATAL SHOT THROUGH THE HEART.  The gang were heard to mutter this was all getting out of hand.  But with that the final guard was dispatched knocked out and bleeding from a shattered right arm.

Back in the carriage a fearless pioneer woman and her daughter set about one of the gang leaders  doing some serious damage with the hat pin in the first round! Gav the lead lightning fast shootist had had enough. He  marched into the carriage and seeing  the two ladies setting about the leader of his partner gang , in his own evil way thought hell backshots - lets do it. He blazed away hitting them both - and missing his friend. He just blew the smoke from his 6 gun  , and said "lets get the hell out of here..." , he dragged the beaten up gang leader away.. who will take a while to recover.

The final gang member in the caboose cracked the safe and a strong box. Between them they took nearly $60,000 dollars... although there is the problem of how they are going to divide up their spoils - i don't think it was fair shares....

 All in all it turned into massacre...but they let a few get away so there is going to be a price on their heads. They need to spur their horses and get far away.


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Tumbletown Stage robbery - Game 6

The James gang (now there is a classic Old West name for you) , were up next. They were planning to hit the Stagecoach into Tumbletown coming from Hope Springs while it went through Pikes Pass just near the edge of town. One of the gang "Jeff - the Boom"  had been left in town for a period and was planning to use his explosives skills to help cause a distraction if any of the locals of the 4 town lawmen thought about interfering.

The other members of the gang had taken up position in the rocks, the stage thundered into view.

 The route into town
 All quiet in town so far

The stage moved through pass, the turns of the card gave it 3 almost consecutive moves - if Steve who was rolling for the movement had rolled anything above a 5 on two dice , it may even have got through the ambush!

 Something had to be done to stop it. The Greenhorn Bart moved forward and using an action card let out a warning shot attempting to halt the stage - this shot was also heard further down in town. Now everyone knew there was something afoot. The stage driver put a hand on his shotgun , and cracked the reins to move the team along. 

"JJ" the Terrifying , Ambidextrous , Shootist (he's a nasty character alright) gang leader sensing things had the potential to go wrong , moved in and started blasting away at the stage, hitting the coach and also killing two horses which brought the team to a halt .

The stage occupants a gambler and an actress hit the floor. The gang approached the stage. "JJ" pointed his guns into the coach , "Your Money" he demanded with a menacing look. The two occupant's checked their nerves , and proceed to empty their purses.. $300.00... not enough thought "JJ". 

The first shot had brought one of the town lawmen out on horseback to investigate , trouble is it was the Daniels the greenhorn with shotgun. He rode into view and seeing what was going on he lifted his weapon , and moved in closer. Seeing the terrifying "JJ" he panicked and galloping away, rode off further into the pass and past Bart.  Bart not missing an opportunity to back shoot the lawmen let loose with his rifle. FATAL HEAD SHOT, ouch. One law man down.

   The unlucky deputy , back shot by Bart.

Back in town the other 3 lawmen were heading for their mounts, a cowpoke who was in town even offered to come and help them. Time for Jeff to light the fuse on the distraction. He threw the single stick of dynamite toward the mine supply company, it landed fine, just ready and waiting for his chance to blow it with his Explosive skill test. The "fizzing fuse" card was shuffled into the deck, a test for "Kaboom" would be made when it turned up.
The fire starts to take hold
The card turned up pretty quick , Jeff threw and passed "Kaboom" it went off. We tested to see for extra collateral damage. There were 4 more sticks of dynamite that went off . The building was ablaze. Jeff legged it out of town wishing his horse was nearer! We made every character in town take a PANIC test as they activated. The Sheriff was seen cowering behind the jail. Two others were OK and mounted horses to try and deal with the desperado's.

Back at the stage , more threats were issued and the gang flushed with success after killing Daniels set about systematically raiding the coach. More money was found, altogether they had $3000 in 3 lots.  However they were a little distracted by this success, and missed Stumpy the stage driver who had recovered his shock & overcame his fear and flicked the shotgun up, BOOM. The shot was on target and Bart the greenhorn at the rear of the coach took the full force 3 hits , down he went with lead poisoning, FATAL GUTSHOT

"JJ" spun and shot at the driver , missing , but still caused driver to drop the shotgun and off he ran. The wild shots at such close range did however hit both the cowering passengers wounding the gambler and the actress.

A rescue party from the town.

Two lawmen from town were now getting close. The gang headed back for their horses. A shot was aimed at "JJ"  wounding his leg and knocking him down. Would the lawmen be able to capitalise?

Smith the lawman had closed in enough for an attempted arrest (we were not letting the lawmen shoot opponents on the ground), just then "JJ" recovered and got up. Now it all depended on the turn of the cards. Seeing more lawmen approaching from town Smith decided at such close quarters to try a Hand to Hand combat which would knock the bad guy out so they could have a proper trial in town. The two slugged it out trading blows , but "JJ" was getting the upper hand, Smith went down. "JJ" was able to recover and at this point picked up a group of action cards, meaning all the remaining  gang would get a turn,

"JJ" made for the horses , the rest who were mounted already turned and made ready to gallop off, the cards were played , and the gang were off. 

The lawmen had to move to help the the wounded occupants of the stage, hell this mob had shot a woman. Time to get out some Wanted posters. 

The gang hit the trail hard and were last seen heading through "Serenity" boasting of their exploits so much some young fool has tagged along in the hope of adventure.

This was a game that really could have gone either way , if the lawman from the town had all arrived together just as Stumpy on the coach let fly with his shotgun they would have overwhelmed the gang. As it was it was getting close , but "JJ" picking up a "fist full of action cards" meant he was able to get all the gang away. Once more we had the result that the bad guy gang member who  has pulled off the kill has become a victim himself.

Now of course this was the Stagecoach from Hope Springs .. the new law there  AKA the "Scott Mob" may come under pressure to do something about the lawlessness in the region.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Hope Springs - Smash & Grab- Game 4&5

Well game 4 (and 5 of sorts) last night. This saw the 5 man Scott Mob attempt to carry out an audacious -and sneaky - plan. Their leader and his shootist partner had spent a campaign move turn making nice and being friendly with the locals in the mining town of Hope Springs. The town had only two incumbent lawmen one of which who was partial to a drink.The remaining 3 members were heading into town to cause trouble and make the other two look good in the eyes of the locals.

 It was all quiet.

The 3 strangers rode into town and  met at the Lapetamaine Mining Supply Co ignoring the potential affections of the saloon girls on the way. At the other end of town Scott had engaged Sheriff Duke with his Smooth Talking skills and was busy offering a drink from his hip flask to keep him there. 

Kelly  the other gang Shootist was holed up in the Grand Hotel keeping an eye on the townsfolk, sipping his whiskey with his gun hand.

The 3 men seeing all was still quiet moved into the Mining Supply Co, where the slightly crazed steely eyed Terrifying gunman Sharpe looked hard at Lapetamaine, levelled his weapon and with menace demanded money and dynamite all of course with mo payment... Lepetamaine gulped, thought about making a stand , but failing a panic test handed over the goods. So far so good. 

At this point one of the saloon girls moved over to try and see if she could encourage some custom, through the door of the Mining Company she saw the levelled weapon and the look of fear on Lepetamaine's face , a scream rent the air, as she turned and fled. Sharpe swore as he spun around.

Sheriff Williams across the street moved to see what the problem was, drawing his pistol. One of the gang quickly felled Lepetamaine with a blow from his pistol - one threat gone. The gang then burst from the building one by one heading for thier horses. Williams called for them to stop or he would shoot - he was thinking twice , he was outnumbered 3-1 ... where the hell was Duke when you needed him - no doubt in the saloon. He saw the crazed terrifying look of Sharpe and decided perhaps today would not be a good day to try and arrest them. He held back from shooting, after all he was not sure what had happened. 

At this point Ned Johnson the Dry Goods store owner and members of the Citizens Vigilance Committee decided there was something very wrong here , and that something needed to be done .He picked up his Shotgun stepped out of the store and pointed it towards two of  the mounted gang galloping out of town. He let loose , BOOM, BOOM , but his aim was off just behind the fleeing horsemen.

                                                      Ned lets fly with his shotgun

 The  3rd gang member Dawson shot at the Sheriff before he had chance to recover his composure or got reinforcements , but missed. The stranger from the saloon appeared and fired after the fleeing horseman , but they were out of pistol range..
 Sheriff Williams recovered his composure and shot after the fleeing horseman, hitting Dawson with a legwound , but "click" , out of ammo. The 3 horsemen sped off out of town, just as Scott and Sheriff Duke arrived running from the far end of town.

                                          The Sheriffs parting shot, a wound to the last stranger

Lepetamaine was discovered alive but battered , with a $1000 taken and several sticks of dynamite handed over. What were the town going to do... There was a call for a posse !! Hell there were only 3 of them to chase. Scott , and the cool stranger from the saloon offered to join with the two Sheriffs, and  Johnson the blacksmith volunteered to go with them , that made 5 against 3. The bad guys were only a few miles ahead heading out towards Pico Canyon

 The town posse sets off in hot pursuit

The posse tracked the gang through the canyon, Williams an experienced Shootist was vigilant for an ambush as they entered a likely area. All eyes were peeled when a shape was seen moving atop a rocky outcrop
Hmmm , looks like ambush country

Where were the rest of the gang, shots began to ring around from both sides. It was a fine place for an ambush.
  Find some cover boys

The Posse sped through shooting wildly looking to get some cover, , strangely two of them hung back

Dawson the previously wounded bad guy was looking for some personal revenge, and drew a bead on his moving target, the shot cracked , Williams fell from his horse, struck between the eyes.

  Long range death!

The blacksmith saw Sharpe , but fired and missed , Sharpe turned & felled the poor blacksmith , filling him full of lead, leaving him seriously wounded and knocked out - to be finished off later. Sheriff Duke was all alone , but he was feeling courageous and spurred forward to engage the bad guy who had killed Williams,calling for support. He found the gangs horses, and thought to shoot them , but seeing he was alone again  he drew his pistol an blazed away at the bad guy on the rocks.

 Sheriff Duke finds the gangs horses, and wonders where the others have gone?

Dukes retribution, but too late, he was then overwhelmed by the gang. 

The Scott gang had eliminated the town lawmen, but had lost a gang member. The two of the Scott gang members who had been in town recovered the casualties, the stolen loot and dynamite and  returned to Hope Springs with a sorry tale of ambush , but they had recovered the loot and killed a bad guy - unfortunately the Sheriffs were dead... seeing as there was was now a vacancy in town could they apply?

After some discussion the Town Committee accepted Scott and his friend for town sheriff and deputy . Hell they needed someone to keep law and order...

A clever plan by Steve produced two interesting encounters. The first proving it was not all about shooting , but some long term campaign planning, Mind he was a little lucky on the card order some turns, but that just made it all the more frustrating for the "good" guys who were always on the back foot. Again this scenario really needed a GM which I did to help keep the other players in the dark for bit. It was all part of building gang experience and resources until the main players start to meet each other.

It will be interesting to see where this strand goes as the Scott Mob look to take over the town, will other gangs react , Legends of the West turn up, other random events?  All good fun...

Dom’s Good Deed. – Game 3

One of the real delights of the cowboy campaign is that it is throwing up various styles of scenario, and with 8 active players each with differing approaches to achieving success giving me some things think about while I organise it.

So last night saw one of the gangs who were out in the Indian Territory being presented with a scenario where they had heard a commotion from over the hill and had set off to help and save the intrepid settlers/explorers – the Pearson family who were under attack from a notorious Indian leader “Two Clouds”.

Steve was playing the Indians, The Pearson’s were played by me as GM and were nervous as hell!!  Pa a prospector had taken the family into the hills to seek his fortune, Ma, Sissy and Junior were at the wagon when Indians were seen up on the rocks, and warning shots had been fired.

The commotion had alerted Dom’s gang to some excitement. Could they get some good fame points by rescuing the embattled Pearson’s, or better still see off the pesky varmints. 

 "Runs with the wind" KO's Pa Pearson

Dom got lucky dicing to come on the side of the table with no Indians between him and the Peason's.

“Two Clouds” looked on as “Never Silent” and “Grey Wolf” harried the poor citizens with some long range fire. “Runs with the wind” using his SWIFT skills raced from the rocks charging towards the tethered horses looking to incapacitate one. Pa Pearson seeing the threat moved to fight him he could not use his shotgun for fear of killing his animals. A vicious hand to hand took place with multiple blows being exchanged , “Runs with the wind” was getting the upper hand and finally felled Pa Pearson – Junior and Sissy panicked and ran for the far hills – Ma Pearson picked up the heavy frying pan to defend her honour.

Dom’s gang  (Dom, Russ, Pete, Walt) rode on together  and raised rifles to start long range shooting – but to little effect . This seemed to instil more urgency into “Two Clouds” band  .
"Two Clouds" makes his way into the game
The rest of the Indians emboldened by “Runs with the winds” success charged down toward the wagon . A shot rang out – a flesh wound to “Runs with the wind”, Greenhorn Walt had found that lucky shot. Dom had sped his horse to intercept Junior as he headed round behind the rocks .He managed to calm the teenager and get him onto his horse.

Russ charges his steed towards the wagons in the hope of picking up young Sissy and Ma – he managed to get Sissy but came up short of Ma – “Two clouds” was heading their way intent on bloody murder. An action card was played , Russ moved again managing to get Ma on the front of the horse , but  with 3 people on it the move was curtailed – would he get away.?

“Two Clouds” took aim with his bow, and the horse was hit and impaled, next he charged in and pulled Russ from the saddle intent on using his fighter skills to overwhelm the rescuer, with the next action. Ma fell from the horse as Sissy panicked once more and the wounded frightened horse sped off carrying her away from safety. “Two Clouds” took a vicious swipe from Ma’s frying pan - “a cracking 10 being rolled” she was a tough old bird- leaving him with a real sore head. He turned and felled her in the next round of hand to hand.  
“Two Clouds” had his blood up and was intent on felling Russ next , but had missed Dom climbing up on the rocks taking aim with his rifle – crack – One Hit – “Fatal Head Shot”, the Indian leader was felled.

“Grey Wolf” mean time had taken the opportunity to scalp Pa - much to “Runs with the winds” chagrin, “Never silent” was intent on looting the wagon and hiding from the horsemen.

Pete finally deciding to do something galloped his steed to rescue “Russ” before the remaining Indians got themselves back together. He pulled of a superb shot while galloping past the wagon , seriously wounding “Runs with the wind” in the leg – he won’t be so fast now!  Thanks to a few action cards he was able to pick Russ up and move on round the rocks to meet up with Dom – they decided to call it day , no gang members were wounded , and they had rescued the now orphan Junior.

The Indians were squabbling over who will take control, and had found a rather fine bag of gold in the wagon – Pa had been a successful prospector after all.

Sissy on her wounded horse did not get far. She was rounded up by “Grey Wolf” and his band - another scenario for another day “The Rescue of Sissy”

Junior has joined Dom’s gang – where else would he go. He “Hates” Indians, and had picked up a useful “Explosives” skill while working with his Pa, he needs to grow up a bit to lose his RUNT skill though.

Dom’s crew headed to the nearest town “Casper”  where Junior told his tale of daring rescue by Dom, parents murdered , his sister being lost , and the demise of the notorious Indian leader – the gang were feted in town – extra bonus Fame points for good deeds. Oh and tales of a gold strike in Indian Territory – talk about trouble brewing.

Apologies for the moment , technical difficulties with getting the better pictures off Steves phone, we will have another go at it tomorrow!

The raid on the Big D ranch. - Game -2

The 5 men of "McGlades Marauders" having spent a campaign move scouting around the "Big D" ranch & had waited until there were few of the hands around. They planned to move in and rustle as many head of cattle and move them along to sell (after a little re branding work!) . Well this was a different scenario, one based more in the open , not so many building. The random element of the cattle to content with would also add another dimension.


 The set up with a cowhand camp in the middle.

The leader decided stealth of course would be the order of the day. , the gang rode in from the edge of the woods. A sharp eyed cowhand busy making breakfast in the camp spotted a horseman moving in , and headed out on foot see what the stranger wanted, one of the other hands who was mounted moved over too.

Harvey on the right, keeps two hands busy.

Harvey the Gunman began some story to keep the cowhands engaged - as long as he passed his skill tests he would keep them engaged in some "innocent conversation" - he was rolling well. he was getting a reputation as a bit of a silver tongue, a least 4 turns he kept them there - If he had failed he would have had to turn and ride away or choose to move for a weapon..

In the meantime more of the Marauders were working themselves around the herd. Another cowhand was discovered over to the east , and he was approached by "Shorty" , but he did not have the conversation skills of his partner. He bottled it after a first attempt of keeping him distracted. "Shorty" was on edge -  he decided to take a swing at the cowhand using his Brawler skills, at least with no shots there would be no immediate alarm . The two slugged it out over several rounds of hand to hand combat - with "Shorty" finally landing a knock out blow. The cowhand was on the floor. "Shorty" grabbed his breath and thought to tie him up and reached for some rope. A this moment the cowhands own card turned up and a Greenhorn activation was available - would he recover -  a "6" yes! The extra activation was played - the hand drew his piece and boom, boom, boom, shots rang out - but he was still too groggy to hit "Shorty" - the noise echoed across the herd and the valley.

 Shorty's hand to hand duel

Further over the other cowhands now realised something was afoot - and their hands moved towards weapons.

McGlade exerts his authority

McGlade deciding the game was up charged in on horseback from the tree line toward Harvey and cowhands. He leveled his gun and let fly at the mounted cowhand - just the one hit - but the Shootist did not fail - the card was turned - " Fatal Head Shot" 

The herd were well and truly spooked and the "Stampede" cards began to come into play , the herd split in a rather lucky way for McGlades guys , heading out past some of the mounted guys waiting.

The cowhands were now getting in some shots in response, but just a graze here or there. Nothing serious. The top hand who was away on the other side of valley had drawn his rifle and took a long range aim at the strangers in the middle, and a single flesh wound to the head knocked Harvey out of his saddle. Darn it was going so well. McGlade spurred his horse around racing to his accomplices aide ( a few spare activation cards helped) he got Harvey onto the front of his horse and set off out of danger.

The trail boss had shown up - "No you don't - you dirty thieves!" . He blazed away at the retreating outlaws as they rode past  - one hit - 50/50 which of the two escapees would it be . It was Harvey - already unconscious laid over the horse. "Fatal Gutshot".  McGlade looked down disconsolate at this friend -, he spurred on off the board carrying the limp form with him, and made a mental note about "hating that darn ranch boss - there will be a reckoning some day"


"Shorty "and another member of the gang knocked out and tied up the other cowhand , and made good their escape.

The remaining cowhands had decided it is was all bit too hot - they would live for another day - and talk to "Big D" about hiring on some more people.

McGlades Marauders - had bloodied themselves. But had lost a key gang member on almost the last shot of the game.McGlade determined some of the gang profits would be used to give Harvey a proper funeral over at the town of Bartlett once the steers had been turned to profit. . The $1000.00 would be money well spent.

A very different game in feel from the town actions, a bit more stealth and cunning being used - but the shooting!! These guys knwe how to do it.

A great game Colin - and really well played "in character"

The Silver Town Bank raid .... or not...Game -1

First game of the Old West Campaign last night. Saw one of the stronger gangs attempt to pull of a Bank robbery.

The 5 man Gee gang led by Curly Graham were working their way into Silver Town. Moving down both sides of the street they took up positions. Curly's leg was playing up and causing him to move clumsily on occasion. Rogers the boozer had even managed to stay sober , and also passed two saloons without being tempted by the bar, even fending of the attentions of certain lady - he was intent on one purpose that day.

Two of the gang had taken up position near the sheriff's office , one near the bank door. Two more were covering the route back out of town. Was some foul plan about to commence?

 The rather dandy Town Marshal's - by Artizan Designs - new additions
Silver Towns finest

A sharp eyed Deputy leaving the "Star Hotel" spotted an unfamiliar figure loitering behind the jailhouse and suspecting some foul intentions went to investigate - he saw this figure still wearing his guns - and called out for the man to drop his weapons as he was "breaking town ordinance no17 - all weapons must be checked in at the nearest saloon".  This confused the potential bandit - he checked his morale - and failed - he threw down his weapons. This somewhat startled his junior gunman partner a little further down the street who was watching from behind the brave or foolhardy deputy.  The worried gunman raised his 6 gun and squeezed its trigger sending of a shot towards the back of the Deputy -  which only winged his arm.  This was happening too early - they were supposed to get someone into the bank first!

The gang member Williams outside the bank waited for his turn , and waited... finally he threw to enter the bank - gun at the ready.. snake-eyes .. the "Double 1"... he had only managed to attempt to open the door the wrong way and threw himself off balance.  At the this point the gang learnt that the town Sheriff was within the Bank . Seeing an anxious unfamiliar face by the door, gun in hand  and hearing shots the Sheriff  moved to shut and bar the bank doors in the face of the bandit. Clang .He took position by the barred window.

Now what where the gang going to do. More shots rang out across the street by the jail , the lightly wounded deputy was leading a charmed life. A shotgun barrel poked out of the Sheriff's office and BOOM.. down went the dirty back shooting gunman, knocked out with a head injury. The deputy moved to kick the wounded mans weapons away. Meanwhile his previous target had recovered his nerve and picked up his weapons and started firing , blazing away to little effect.

There was much shouting among the gang.. DYNAMITE!!  perhaps that's the answer - there was a mining supplier in the town - Curly headed off while the gang tried to keep the law pinned down. Although it felt more like the 3 outnumbered lawmen were doing the pinning down! The Gee Gang wanted to know if there were any 6's on their dice!  They were running low on ammo with all these reloads

Curly's leg gave way again as he tumbled to the floor near the Le Petamaine Mining Supply Co.  The Stagecoach drew into town - there is a 10% chance of there being someone "interesting" on it.. sure enough up it came ... the random cards of good guys, gunfighters,gamblers bounty hunters etc were shuffled ... and one picked which was added to the deck. who would it be.

Only Wild Bill Hickcock... down from the stage he stepped - seeing Curly a hated enemy - "You and me Curly - lets sort this like men"... the shooting died down in town and the two squared up across the street - Fast draw time - Hickock drew first and down went Curly knocked down &  bloodied in his one good leg!

The gang began to panic. A Deputy emerged from the jailhouse and dragged in an unconscious outlaw and threw him in a cell. The cowardly bandit again dropped his weapons and surrendered to the plucky deputy who marched him into the cells.They will meet Judge Parker later.

Only two gang members left - both Shootists - moved away from the bank toward Wild Bill (and thier horses)  , he turned and said  "Stay Right there boys - I will take the two of you on!". Hands quivered over holsters.  Wild Bill drew before one them , and at the same time as the other -  but no hits!  Rogers hit Bill with a serious Knock Out wound in the Stomach. This left the lawmen at one end of the town with their prisoners  and the wounded  Curly and the two Shootists at the other. Rogers decided he had better finish off the seriously wounded Hickock - better not have an enemy like that around the recover - he earned no credited only hatred for the dastardly deed. Curly was flung over a horse and the gang made off out of town - empty handed and with two men waiting on town justice.

Another cracker of a game - mind Graham must have rolled the best of 120 dice and got about 2 6's at one point.  Dom letting off that wild shot before getting someone into the bank would not have been too bad if the complete fumble by the bandit attempting to get in had not happened. The bad guys had the run of the cards initially, but the lawmen really drew some at important times which confounded the Gee gang.  Some of the events you really just could not have scripted - keeps everyone on thier toes. Well done Steve for really playing in the spirit - with his brave lawmen arresting not shooting the bad guys.

The real difference was that as this now a campaign system there was more care and not just a full on firefight with no consequence. 3 more gangs signed up for the campaign as well. The Gee gang need to get Curly fixed up and decide how to "rescue" their buddies.

No other pictures - I forgot to take the camera!!