Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Smithville- The Mexican Gamblers - Game 8

Game 8 saw the 4 man Gonzalez brothers gang in Smithville, younger brother Rafa has the gambler skill and was at the poker table in the Cattleman's , trying his luck out with the gang funds. He was rolling successfully and building up a small a pot of winnings.

The Shootist leader Ramon and another brother Pepe had already had their share of alcohol - the pair of them being boozers - and were mounted up the the edge of town near the stock pens. The remaining brother Juan was in town to provide back up to Rafa.

Back in the saloon there were was grumbling and muttering at the poker table, was this Mexican cheating? There was an accusation, quick draw time, Rafa drew first and fired seriously wounding his challenger. The game was afoot.Time to make a swift exit. Rafa grabbed at the money on the tables and headed for the door.

The Smithville sheriff turned and headed for the saloon with weapons drawn. Juan looked on. He tracked the shootist sheriff across the street and waited for him to turn his back. Juan let a of shot but only grazed the surprised lawman. The town deputy leaving the jail turned and blazed away missing completely.

The two brothers on horseback were at the gate of the stock pen and slipped the rope from the gate and opened it. Using their horsemanship skills they moved into the pen and started to round up the steers and move them into the main town.

A town citizen angered at seeing the Mexicans sneaky act armed himself to aide the lawmen. The deputy started to cross the street just as Pepe and Ramon started firing to stampede the cattle through the town. Rafa leapt for his horse and spurred it away from the saloon. The citizen took aim at Juan, boom, one hit - FATAL HEAD SHOT!

They stood and stared at the stampeding cattle -seemingly rooted to the spot (well he was without his card or an action card coming out) . He even failed an urgent reaction test and was promptly trampled to the ground under a few tons of fast moving beef.

The 3 remaining brothers aided by their horsemanship skills were able to speed away while still firing, managing to wound the sheriff. Who was able to return fire with a serious wound for Ramon, who again managed to pass his skills test to remain mounted and the gang spurred out of town, looking for urgent medical assistance.

Phew - my first game using my gang- all would have bene fine apart from that pesky citizen!

No photos for this game due to camera problems I am afraid.

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