Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Old West Figure manufacture - comparison shots

I have been asked to provide some figure comparison shots by the good guys over at the Lead Adventure Forum , so here you go!

A = Artizan
BM - Blue Moon
BS - Black Scorpion
C - Crusader
DMH - Dead Man's Hand - Great Escape 
GM - Galloping Major
K = Knuckleduster
O - Oniria

WF - Wargames Foundry

All left to right
A,     GM,      BS,       O,      BS,     GM,       A

BS,       C,      K,     BS,     WF,        K,         BS

 C,       BS,     GM,     A,       BS,       A,       K,      WF

GM,        A,         GM,         A,     GM,       A

BS,    BM,    BM,    BS,    BM,     BS,    BM,    BS

 A  , K  ,    GM  ,    BS  , DMH , WF ,  DMH

GM ,   A  ,     BS ,     WF  ,    A      BS , DMH
     C  , DMH  , K  ,  BS  , GM  ,  BS ,  DMH  ,DMH

I will add some more to these as I get them taken


  1. Excellent set of comparisons, though I find the keys a little hard to read (they're not in the same order in each picture, or aligned under the relevant model). How about adding some Dixon models as well?

    1. Oh Dixon.. i have few around.. how did i miss them!

      I tried to mix the line ups around to show different ones next to each other - will try and tidy the key!