Tuesday, 3 December 2013

A couple of new Cowboys.

A couple of new cowboys completed inbetween various amounts of preparation works at the moment, just break the monotony, and so i can get some in on the Old West Painting Posse on the Lead Adventure Forum.

The free figure from Galloping Major 

And from Great Escape Games ... hmm could be Django..

From Galloping Major - the U.S. Cavalry

 And the first inhabitant of "Nueva Tranquilidad" Wargames Foundry Mexican Peons 


  1. Always useful to have more gunslingers. That first guy has really big pistols, doesn't he?

  2. Indeed. I have a stack more to complete , I am enjoying collecting them as much as anything. Yep he does have big guns alright.. Mind if you for revolver used by Wyatt Earp on Google then there are some very long barrelled revolvers.