Monday, 30 June 2014

Shoot out in "Serenity" - Wartorn show- Scarborough

We took the old west game to the Scarborough Wartorn show over the weekend and ran a series of participation games - 6 all together. Much mayhem,merriment , and mirth!

Some great games, introduced a few new people to Old West gaming.

The pictures are a montage of the various games. 
   Looks like trouble in town.. Pinkertons and Cowboys



Meanwhile a sneaky Mexican hit the bank, and made off on a commandeered stage

 "Budgie Ray" and mob tumbled out of the saloon looking for trouble, boy  did they find it.

 Stumpy saves that day ,catching 3 bad guys with a deadly accurate blast from his shotgun - ouch!

 The final showdown on the train
The town law finally get things back under control with a hanging!

Friday, 21 March 2014

"D" Troop U.S. Cavalry - mounted additions

I  took part in Ian W's Secret Santa at Xmas - and I was lucky enough to receive an inspired choice by my kind benefactor - a pack of Wargames Foundry cavalry. So here they are all painted up. Very nice figures to work on. I do need to get a few more ,I am hoping to get hold of some from Galloping Major when they are released. I guess I should have posed them coming over the hill!


I shall be getting some cowboy games in this weekend at my local show - so hopefully some pictures next week.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

"The Mess Wagon"

I have added a new piece oF railroad equipment to the collection. Inspired by watching Hell on Wheels, this is one of the railroad wagons that will be parked in a siding in town. Its an On30 scale model by Bachmann. I just need to do a little more weathering , and I will stencil on the name of the "Serenity Flatts Mineral Company".

It took a bit of finding from a UK model shop. But worth the digging around I think.

Friday, 10 January 2014

New Lawmen in town

I have picked up some of the Great Escape Games "Dead Man's Hand" figures - not as if I don't actually have enough , but they do have some nice figures to chose from.

The  one with the natty waistcoat is a definite match for Cullen Bohannen from "Hell on Wheels"

I series I can highly recommend. It may even make an appearance on my gaming table - I feel a few terrain projects coming on..

Now i just need to find a good figure for "The Swede"

Sunday, 5 January 2014

D Troop - US Cavalry

So here we have the arrival of the US Cavalry to the collection - not quite coming over the hill , as just the dismounted versions first. These are a new range by Galloping Major in the UK. Very nice figures to paint, and with some real character to them.

I have some mounted Foundry figures to paint up yet , one of the next jobs.

Of course I guess that means I need to add a fort to terrain projects!