Serenity Territory - Game & Campaign rules

Welcome to the Territory of "Serenity" in the Old Wild West. There are a number of bad guys in the area looking for fun.

The main rules are a bit of mix of the The Rules with no Name, and Dusty trails - with tweaks and where possibly simplification made. My new name for my in house set "Blazing Dice".

I have written some campaign rules to help run Serenity Territory as well.

Gang Generation-Rules

Campaign Rules

Town Guide

Character sheets - 1

Character sheets - 2

"Blazing Dice" - Quick Play Sheet

Games Played
Game 9 - Indian raid on Caspar
Game 8 - Smithville , the Mexican Gambit
Game 7 - The Great Serenity Train massacre
Game 6 - Tumbletown stage robbery
Game 4/5 - Hope Springs take over
Game 3 - Dom's Good Deed
Game 2 - Raid on the Big "D" Ranch
Game 1 - Graham - Silver Town Bank Raid

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  1. Hi,

    I've been wanting to set up something similar for my own old west gaming. I have a few questions about your choices / assumptions for the map, distances, time period per interval etc. Rather learn from someone who has done it than try something that ends up not working and as such needing re-doing.

    I'm at or you can PM me (Terrement) on TMP.